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MyKaddish is a not-for-profit information website and resource provider offering support to Jewish adults during their ultimate time of need. Launched as a collaborative effort between two prominent Jewish organizations, the Afikim Foundation and Partners in Torah, MyKaddish is committed to helping Jews navigate the intricate process of mourning and acquire a deeper understanding of the numerous customs and laws associated with death and mourning.

If you'd like more information about Jewish mourning practices and customs or would like to learn more about Judaism from a skilled volunteer teacher, please call 973-221-3650 or email us at info@mykaddish.com


If you have a specific question you'd like answered by a Rabbi click here.












This site has been dedicated in the memory of
Malka Machla bat Reb Mordechai Ziskind
לעלוי נשמת מלכה מחלה בת מרדכי